Class of 2022

Queer crip Lucbanin Kapampangan Pilipinx who has light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and shoulder length black hair wearing a tan cardigan and dark green collar shirt smiling with dark green pothos plants in the background.

Pau Abustan

Cal State Los Angeles

Sara M. Acevedo Espinal

Miami University

An African American man standing tall behind a building with huge glass windows; he's wearing a black and blue stripe suit with a blue dress shirt and dark blue tie he's bald and smiling big with his hands in his pockets.

Michael Agyin

Deaf & Disability rights advocate

A white man with a beard is wearing glasses and a black hat.

Steve Allen


A Black femme person dressed in warm hues and a yellow hijab sits against a dark and shadowy backdrop. She looks over her shoulder at the camera with a slight smile.

Azza A. Altiraifi

Liberation in a Generation

A triangle with Orange, blue, and fuchsia is next to Blue text that says Bender Leadership Academy above gray text that says empowering talent together.

Bender Leadership Academy

Moon Township, PA

Headshot of a Korean American woman in a power wheelchair smiling, with her shoulder length hair pulled back wearing glasses and a purple shirt with 'Disability EmpowHer Network' logo, seated outside on a sunny day.

Jennifer “Jenny” Border

Disability EmpowerHer Network

A white man wearing a black hat and green winter jacket is outside with trees in the background.

Dan Campbell

Coach & counselor

Image of the Capital Clubhouse Inc. Logo; a red Capital building next to blue text Capital Clubhouse Inc.

Capital Clubhouse Inc.

Washington, DC

A black disabled woman with short hair, wearing an orange shirt and black overalls is smiling.

Candace Coleman

Access Living

Photo of Jen, a white coded Native, Two-Spirit femme presenting person, with shoulder length brown wavy hair. Jen is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, black glasses, and an Indigenous made bangle bracelet and beaded medallion that reads 'Crushing Colonialism.' Jen's hands are holding both sides of the medallion and has a tenacious expression on hir face.

Jen Deerinwater

Crushing Colonialism

Mary, a Lebanese woman with short dark curly hair wearing glasses and a black V neck sweater. She is smiling at the camera.

Mary Fashik

Upgrade Accessibility

A woman with long brown hair and brown eyes is smiling.

Cindy Fritz

Great Life Mentoring

An image of the Great Life Mentoring Logo: A green tree above the blue words 'Great Life Mentoring'.

Great Life Mentoring

Portland, OR

Aimi Hamraie, an olive-skinned Iranian person with short dark curly hair, smiles at the camera. They wear rectangular glasses and a blue button-up shirt. Behind them is a blurry green background

Aimi Hamraie

Vanderbilt University

A Brown, South Asian female sitting outside with an orange blazer over a dark blue shirt with lemons.

Saili S. Kulkarni

San José State University

A white man wearing glasses, a light blue shirt, black blazer and yellow & blue stiped tie smiles

Michael Morris

National Disability Institute

A photo of Karen who has short hair, is wearing a green shirt and is holding her dog.

Karen Nakamura

University of California Berkeley

Black text says the NAN Project over text 'saving one life at a time' Pink stars are above the words.

The NAN Project

Lexington, MA

An orange flag positioned above blue text that reads 'No Barriers' to make the official No Barriers logo.

No Barriers USA

Fort Collins, CO

Oluwatobi is a smiling, Black person with their Afro pulled back. They are wearing a silvery blue blouse and are in front of a white wall.

Oluwatobi Maeyen Odugunwa

Autistic People of Color Fund

A middle aged white woman with a poufy light-brown bob and a navy blouse sits in front of bookshelves smiling broadly.

Libbie Rifkin

Georgetown University

Na - Ha - Ma & their dog Sa-meer-a are sitting on a dark blue couch in their home. Nechama has a round face, olive skin and dark curly hair down to their chin. Samira, a brown and white pitbull with a very big smile and her face, takes up most of the picture frame.

Nechama F. Sammet Moring

Mother of revolutions

A man with a beard who is wearing dark glasses is standing along side a large colorful drawing he made at Painted Brain.

Tristan Scremin

Peer Trainer

Kelly Timmons

Mentor & advocate

A white person with short brown, wavy hair and round glasses stands against a light blue background. They are smiling and wearing a rose gold necklace with a light brown (almost orange) corduroy shirt over a black top.

Jess L. Wilcox Cowing

Scholar & professor

Nancy, a Southeast Asian person, leaning on a brick wall with a colorful mural. Their arms are folded and they are smiling. They have bright red hair and nails and are wearing glasses and an orange jacket.

Nancy M. Yang

Community advocate and organizer