Class of 2020


Day, an Arab-American woman with dark hair and suede jacket sitting with Veni, yellow lab guide dog

Day Al-Mohamed

Author, Filmmaker, Disability Policy Strategist

Kojo is dressed up in a navy blue suit over a blue stripped shirt and a red tie wearing reading glasses and smiling.

Dr. Kojo Amissah

Educator, mentor, activist, and transformational leader

White woman with strawberry blonde hair in a peach blouse reclining in her power wheelchair

Dr. Josie Badger

Advocate, Visionary, Mentor, Motivational Organizer

Emory University

Christopher Barbie

Emory University


Max Barrows

Outreach Director, Green Mountain Self-Advocates

I am a light skin woman of color with black hair that is tied up in a curly ponytail. I am wearing red lipstick, mascara, black eyeliner and silver hoops. My shirt is plain red and I have 5 buttons on: one pink, white, and blue striped flag with the Trans* logo in the middle, one rainbow flag, one titled

Fanisee Bias

Disability Justice Advocate and Organizer | University of San Diego

Horace Brown

Horace Brown

Program Administrator

Kenna Chic is an East Asian woman with brown hair and white glasses. She is smiling at the camera and wearing a black blazer and business formal black dress. She is standing at a podium with a microphone in front of her. Behind her are a black armchair and blue curtains, and on the left side of the photo is the flag of the United States of America.

Kenna Chic

Advocate, Writer, and Thought Leader

Dr. Alex Cohen is the co-founder and Chief Marketing & Accessibility Officer for Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind.

Dr. Alex Cohen

Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind

Meena, a brown woman with black short black hair smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue-red square pattern dress and orange lipstick.

Meenakshi Das

Accessibility Advocate

a headshot showing Sharon wearing large square glasses and long brown hair, looking directly at the camera and smiling widely and warmly. They are wearing a light pink collared shirt.

Sharon daVanport

Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network


Nefertali Deeb

Comcast NBCUniversal

A woman with olive skin and short black curly hair smiles at the camera wearing a navy blue sweatshirt, large hoop hearings, and an eyebrow piercing.

Darya Farivar

Disability Rights Washington

A brown, latinx, non-binary person with short black hair, wearing a red sweater, white dressy shirt underneath, stud earrings, and a black bow tie. They are smiling and behind them are faded green plants.

Allilsa Fernandez

Disability & Mental Health Activist

Raul has dark hair. He is wearing a blue company shirt with a logo of a penguin that says RGA Tech Solutions. The penguin is wearing headphones and is holding a phone and a cane.

Raul A. Gallegos

National Federation of the Blind of Texas

A bald Black man in his thirties. He is wearing glasses.

Finn Gardiner

Lurie Institute for Disability Policy, Brandeis University

Danielle Garth headshot

Danielle Garth

Iowa State Student Accessibility Services Soft Skills Coach

Dustin, a light skin Black man, stands in the middle of the photo looking directly into the camera. He has dark hair, a low cut fade with a part and a dark beard. He is wearing a backpack and a white tee-shirt that has an aqua blue circular shape on it. Behind him is a blurry crowd of people, a delivery truck, a building and tree as well as a traffic sign. The people in the crowd are all facing the same direction and at least one of them is holding a sign.

Dustin Gibson


An African-American cis-male person, with medium complexion and mini black afro. He is wearing glasses, black mask around his neck, and a teal t-shirt

Timotheus “T.J.” Gordon, Jr.

Researcher-activist, writer, speaker, multimedia artist, and autistic self-advocate

Ray Grand

Ray Grand

Entrepreneurial Leadership in disability

Headshot of Keri Gray. She is a Black woman wearing an orange shirt with a green and orange headwrap. She is also wearing glasses.

Keri Gray

National Alliance of Multicultural Disabled Advocates (NAMD Advocates)

This picture is of Keisha having a fun photoshoot at home wearing a t-shirt design Girls Chronically Rock

Keisha Greaves

CEO/Founder of Girls Chronically Rock

A. Randall Haas

A. Randall Haas

Attorney, Counselor, Advocate and Warrior

This is a photo of Sandy Ho who is a short statured queer Asian American woman sitting in a power wheelchair. She is wearing a gray unbuttoned sweater, a blue and white striped shirt, maroon shoes, and red checkered pants. She has short dark hair and glasses. Around her is a field of green grass and there are houses and trees in the background.

Sandy Ho

Disability policy researcher and community organizer

Christopher D. Johnson

Christopher D. Johnson

Educator, advocate, and servant Leader

Brown skinned non-binary person with very short haircut, wearing browline glasses, blue buttondown shirt. Najma's arm is crossed as they smile. In teh bacground is a photo art of various ridged squares composed together.

Najma Johnson

Anti-Violence Activist, disability/language justice advocate, organizer, educator, & author

a photo of a black male state in a wheelchair on stage looking into the crowd while giving a speech

Keith P. Jones

Soul Touchin Experiences LLC

Dr. Shayda Kafai, a light, brown-skinned femme with straight hair that ends above her shoulders smiles widely into the camera. She is wearing bright magenta lipstick and rose quartz earrings. She is wearing a plain, dark grey shirt and is sitting in front of a wooden fence.

Shayda Kafai


an Asian American, Vietnamese American, queer femme-ish woman in her late 30s with short black hair and light tan/olive skin looking towards the left of the photo and speaking into a handheld microphone, a small tattoo of a combined treble and bass clef behind her ear.

Mimi Khuc

Writer, scholar, and teacher; mental health advocate

Smiling African-American woman wearing black turquoise and purple cat-eye glasses. She is wearing a black dress with red, purple, peach and turquoise flowers on it as well as peach floral earrings and red lipstick. Her hair is chin length natural curls. Although not depicted, she's a power wheelchair user.

Andraéa N LaVant

President & Founder, LaVant Consulting, Inc.

Picture of a smiling, Black, bearded male with fingers pointing at the camera in front of a brick wall with foliage. He is wearing a charcoal hat backwards with a charcoal shirt that says

AJ Link

National Disabled Law Students Association

Lisa A. Matrundola, Ed.D.

Lisa A. Matrundola, Ed.D.

Rehabilitation Counselor, Grant Writer, and Disability Advocate

Duane is an avid hiker and spends much of his summer hiking in Denali Park

Duane G. Mayes

State of Alaska Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Photo of a blonde bespectacled man in a blue suit standing in front of a tree

Nicolas Meyering

Disabled advocate and AmeriCorps alumnus

Aisha Brandford Murdaugh

Aisha Brandford Murdaugh

Accessibility Specialist, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

North East Asian feminine person with a nose pierce is smiling. Her long hair is half turquoise in the bottom and half black in the top. She is wearing a red sweater and red and silver earrings.

Akemi Nishida

Learner and advocate of disability justice activism

A south Asian non-binary person looks up and to the right. He wears a white sweater with a dusty pink collar peeking out, minimal makeup, and gold jhumka earrings

Noor Pervez

Community Organizer and Activist

Dr. LaMondre Pough. Smiling bald black man wearing a dark suit and purple bow tie.

Dr. LaMondre Pough

Ruh Global IMPACT

A woman with blue eyes and brown hair smiles at the camera. Behind her is a vibrant array of warm and cool colors that contrast each other, resembling the shape of feathers on crows' wings.

Liz Pritchard

Disability Rights Advocate, Artist, Teacher, Author and Presenter

Scott Robertson's headshot

Scott Michael Robertson

Policy strategist, technology expert, social scientist, and advocate

Older white woman with curly COVID-grey hair, red glasses and a matching sweater smiles for the camera.

Marcie Roth

Executive Director and CEO, World Institute on Disability

Bonnielin Swenor, a female with blonde hair wearing a navy suit jacket and light pink blouse, stands in front of a window overlooking a city scape.

Bonnielin Swenor, PhD

The Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center

Photo of a young Black woman with her hair parted and hanging down straight. She is smiling and facing the camera sideways in her wheelchair. She is outside under the tree branches while wearing a white and black dress.

Vilissa Thompson, LMSW

Founder & CEO of Ramp Your Voice!; Social Worker, Writer, Speaker, Activist


Jim E. Warne, M.S.

Native Advocate, Filmmaker & Educator, University of South Dakota Oyate` Circle & Warrior Society Development, LLC

Karen Willis

Karen Willis

Advocate and Activist for Disability Rights and LGBTQ Rights

Photo of an Asian American woman in a power chair. She is wearing a blue shirt with a geometric pattern with orange, black, white, and yellow lines and cubes. She is wearing a mask over her nose attached to a gray tube and bright red lip color. She is smiling at the camera. Photo credit: Eddie Hernandez Photography

Alice Wong

Founder and Director, Disability Visibility Project

Danny is a Little Person White male with a brown hair and beard and the hairline of a cruise ship captain. He seated at a bistro table outside, wearing a blue check shirt

Danny Woodburn

Actor and Disability Advocate