Class of 2021

A White woman with blond hair who is smiling in this photo

Rayna Aylward

National Disability Mentoring Coalition

Trisha Brockway

Disability Support Specialist and Advocate

African American female smiling with black braids and nose ring. Wearing a white shirt and camo jacket. In front of a background that is black with white swirly lines.

Curran Brown

Occupational Therapy Student, Disability EmpowHer Network

Logo CA Transition Alliance

California Transition Alliance

Sue Sawyer, President

Marie, a pale skinned woman with her dark hair pulled back into a fashionable braid, sits on a set of rainbow stairs looking up towards the camera. She is wearing a cropped black fishnet hoodie over a black and silver dress paired with a dark lip.

Marie Dagenais-Lewis

Pridefully Disabled Art Activist

Wearing a light blue shirt with stripes on it.

Will Fried

Fort Hays State University

Nandita Gupta wearing a emerald, green sari with her hands outstretched, on a stage with the words 'TEDx Georgia Tech' in the background.

Nandita Gupta

Accessibility and Inclusion Advocate, Mentor, Leader 

Lisa Johnson

Director of Student Support Services & Disability Advocate

Gayatri is a woman of Indian origin with brown skin and long brown hair. She is wearing a blue dress with pink flowers on it. She is standing against a backdrop of green trees and sunlight.

Gayatri Kini

Founder, CEO, The Accidental Ally

A woman with short, auburn-colored hair, glasses, and pale freckled skin smiles before a faded background of orange trees.

Kelan L. Koning

Educator, Writer, Advocate

Fair skinned hispanic woman smiling wearing red lipstick.

Elaine Kubik

Inclusive Marketing & Communications 

Nic Novicki a white male little person with a little facial hair, sits on a stool wearing a black suit, white shirt and skinny black tie.

Nic Novicki

Actor, Comedian, Producer Founder/Director Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

A white ball hovers over a white sixteenth note, the rampd logo. Under the logo reads Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities


Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities

Head of Asian man with glasses, hearing aid and cochlear implant. Wearing striped shirt with light blue sweater. Hazy blue background.

Dr. Tilak Ratnanather

Johns Hopkins University

A young woman with glasses looking at the camera, she has long hair and is wearing a black jean jacket with some buttons and pins visible, one of which is the trans flag.

Emily Reed

Musician, Writer, Advocate

White woman, wheelchair user smiling (posed) in front of a white wall, pink/clear framed glasses with short blonde hair wearing a black blazer with a black and white stripped shirt/black pants hands are placed on the rim of the wheelchair.

Dr. Toni Saia

San Diego State University

A man taking a walk with his Optune device to help with his condition.

Darryl Sanchez

Partners for Youth with Disabilities

Middle aged White man with salt and pepper beard wearing blue hoodie, smiling with teeth.

BJ Stasio

Art of Advocacy

Kevin Webb - a white male with a beard wearing a blue jacket and glasses standing in front of a brick wall.

Kevin R. Webb

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

Eli has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, a blue button down collared shirt, and he is smiling.

Eli A. Wolff

Educator, Innovator & Advocate

Stephanie Woodward, a pale woman with curly ginger hair and pink glasses, smiles while wearing a black shirt that reads

Stephanie Woodward, Esq.

Disability EmpowHer Network