Class of 2020

The Partnership logo: a sun with four inset icons within it: a hurricane and thunderstorm cloud, a home with a split down the middle and a tornado. The words

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

“Empowering disabled people to lead in disaster/emergency preparedness, response, mitigation, recovery, and community-wide resilience.”

We are proud to induct The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies (The Partnership) is the only U.S. disability-led organization with a focused mission on equal access, disability rights and full inclusion of people with disabilities, older adults, and people with access and functional needs before, during, and after disasters and emergencies.

Our core values of equal access, inclusion and independence continually guide our work towards a future where community readiness is achieved and sustained for everyone through a shared and unwavering commitment to accessibility, universal design and reasonable accommodation before, during, and after disasters. This includes equal access and full inclusion throughout planning, exercises, alerts, notification, evacuation, transportation, sheltering, health maintenance, medical care and temporary housing. This also includes maintaining a full commitment to equal access, inclusion and independence as disaster impacted people return home, to school, work, and their communities; and, it carries on throughout recovery and mitigation initiatives, led by the active and knowledgeable leadership of people with disabilities and fully informed by the community as a whole.

Experience has shown us that these values of access, inclusion and independence are imperatives for achieving and sustaining community-wide disaster resilience.