Class of 2019

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Leroy Moore Jr.

Activist, journalist, writer, & lecturer

“To me, mentorship means education, leadership, passing down knowledge, opening up opportunities, and cross learning.”

We are proud to induct Leroy Moore Jr. into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

From Harvard to The Whitney Museum to Media Engagement for Disability in Johannesburg South Africa, Leroy Moore has more than twenty years of activism, journalism, writing, lecturing on race and disability. Black disabled poet, activist and author of three books on Black Disabled issues from poetry to children books to his recent graphic novel, Krip-HopVol. 1 that was publish in 2019 by Poor Press. After writing Black Disabled Art History 101 in 2017, he was visited more often by Black disabled ancestors who pushed him to write his upcoming book Feb 2020, Black Disabled Ancestors under Poor Press of Poor Magazine. Also in 2020, Leroy under Krip-Hop Nation will be hosting Black Disabled Komics Karacters Summit/Krip-Hop Visual Art Show.

Leroy F. Moore Jr., Founder of the Krip-Hop Nation. Since the 1990s, has written the column “Illin-N-Chillin” for POOR Magazine. Moore is one of the founding member of National Black Disability Coalition and activist around police brutality against people with disabilities. Leroy has started and helped started organizations like Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization to Sins Invalid to Krip-Hop Nation. His cultural work includes film documentary, Where Is Hope, Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities, spoken-word CDs, poetry books and children’s book, Black Disabled Art History 101 published by Xochitl Justice Press.

Moore has traveled internationally networking with other disabled activists and artists. Moore has wrote, sang and collaborated to do music videos on Black disabled men. In July 2019 Leroy Moore under Krip-Hop Nation has organized African Disabled Musicians San Francisco Bay Area Tour with disabled musicians from Uganda, Tanzina and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2020 Leroy Moore will also publish a book about Black disabled young men under SoulfulMediaWorks.