Class of 2018

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National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (NTI) Mentoring

Joe from Texas – “My eMentor provided clear and concise information when I needed it most. He gave me an extra layer of confidence while I attempted to reinvent myself and enter into a new work environment.”

Wendy from North Carolina – “The best part of haven an eMentor is feeling that someone is invested in me personally and won’t let me slip through the cracks.”

Misty from Nevada – “My eMentor was very helpful and supportive. I struggled with putting together an appropriate resume. She gave wonderful guidance and was very encouraging.”

Melissa from Tennessee – “I did not feel alone in the process and felt very encouraged and guided through the entire process. She felt like a friend and confidant.”

Cheryl from Ohio – “The most valuable part of having an eMentor is having a personal contact to help me through the process of applying for a work at home job, like building a stronger resume and being ready for phone interviews. I’ve failed the phone interviews in the past and now, I know the areas I need to work on.”

Regina from California – “My eMentor was able to keep me at ease when I was frustrated. She always gave me great encouragement to keep striving for my goal that I am trying to achieve.”

We are proud to induct National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (NTI) into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (NTI) is a non-profit organization that sources, trains, and assists individuals with severe disabilities find telework jobs. As an Employment Network for the Social Security Administration, approximately 600 new and interested job-seekers register for our virtual employment services each month. An eMentor is assigned to each eligible registrant.

eMentoring Services was created in July of 2016 to provide support and guidance to motivated adults to re-enter the workplace. Our diverse population comes from all over America; urban and rural, with varied educational and work backgrounds. Part-time or full-time work from home positions appeal to many since they can provide significant accommodation for those that cannot leave their home or sustain employment outside of their home.

The eMentor, who is a professional with a disability, offers their services to the degree the Mentee needs. Our collective focus is to:

  • Alleviate fear and build confidence
  • Provide support and guidance while modeling business professionalism
  • Offer resume review and interview role play
  • Guide through technical challenges
  • Advise and provide resources for training and job accommodation
  • Influence and assist to reinforce goals and objectives
  • Provide platform for virtual job opportunities
  • Follow-up up through 90-days of hire

Our online model of communication is via email or phone calls. The length and depth of the relationship varies on how quickly a Mentee progresses through the training and recruitment processes. An eMentor carries a rolling case load of 50-100 Mentees at any given time; service is both scheduled and on demand.

NTI stats

  • Since July 1, 2016, about 6,500 candidates have registered for services with NTI and been assigned an eMentor.
  • The team of eMentors helped over 2,000 candidates complete the NTI Certification and Training process and become eligible for employment with NTI.
  • The team has helped almost 400 candidates start working again.