Boulder Valley School District’s Eye to Eye Program

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Boulder Valley School District’s Eye to Eye Program

“Eye to Eye has allowed me to help middle school students navigate through school while having a learning disability. When I was going through middle school, I was completely alone and had no guidance. If I had someone to help me through this process and share their knowledge, I would have had such a better experience. I am happy to be able to pass on all the things I have learned about having a learning difference to someone else.” ~Chonzie, Junior at Fairview High School and Eye to Eye Chapter Leader

“The most powerful impact of BVSD’s Chapter of Eye to Eye is observed in the growth in students’ self-esteem that is fostered as a result of the program’s focus on important social-emotional competencies. By developing trusted relationships with mentors, mentees feel empowered to focus on their strengths and shift their perspectives in regard to how they view their learning differences. BVSD is proud to have established the first public school chapter of Eye to Eye and to afford students access to a program that provides a foundation to set them up for success not only in school but also in life.” ~Diana L. Rutenberg, Ed.S., NCSP; BVSD School Psychologist & Eye to Eye Liaison

We are proud to induct Boulder Valley School District’s Eye to Eye Program into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Boulder Valley School District’s Eye to Eye program pairs local high school and college students with learning and attention differences with middle school students who have similar learning styles. Mentors and Mentees meet after school once per week and complete an arts-based curriculum and series of community-building activities designed to promote critical social-emotional skills and improve student success. The program began in 2015 and is currently operating at four schools within the district.