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Jason Bryn

BAE Systems, Inc.

We are proud to induct Jason Bryn, Workforce Disability Compliance and Inclusion Programs Manager of BAE Systems, Inc., into the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame’s 2015 inaugural class.

Jason has over 20 years EEO, ADA and disability program experience that spans the federal contractor, private industry, county government, non-profit, government enforcement agency and public university sectors.  In addition to leading BAE System’s disability compliance and inclusion strategy and programs, Jason has served as outsource ADA compliance officer to hundreds of small and mid-size companies, ADA attorney in private practice and county government, ADA grievance mediator for a state enforcement agency, EEO consultant, EEO investigator and workforce inclusion program director for the largest U.S. employment program for people with blindness and low vision.

Jason’s passion for disability inclusion and compliance stems from his personal experience living with low vision.  Jason has been legally blind since birth due to a degenerative and hereditary retinal eye disease that impacts three generations in his family including his mother, himself and one of his three children.   Outside of work Jason volunteers in several disability mentor programs.  As Lockheed Martin Corporation’s coordinator for the 2015 USBLN CareerLink Mentor Program, Jason increased company mentor participation by 900%, where Lockheed Martin employees represented almost half of this year’s USBLNN Career Link mentors.

Jason also serves on boards of disability organizations and empowers others as a sports mindset coach to youth, college and Paralympic athletes.  Jason is a former college basketball player before losing significant vision and then Paralympic tandem cyclist after vision loss.

Jason credits his professional success and personal accomplishments to a strong family support system, internal drive to give back and make a difference, and becoming a student of personal development and leadership development.