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Class of 2016 Inductees celebrate at an AAPD awards event. The inductees are Daniel Davis, Claudia Gordon, and Mat McCullough.
NDMC and DREAM logos
Image of the Storytellers Series staff (Right to Left, Jordan Melograna, Program Director, Peter Rand, Lead Video Editor and Motion Designer, Cuquis Robledo, Storyteller Series Coordinator (image shown via remote connection on the laptop), Rachel Miyazaki, Creative Production Assistant, Clark Matthews, Lead Producer) with Derek Shields, Co-Chair of the National Disability Mentoring Coalition (on the far left). The group is seated at a conference table in the Rooted in Rights office with a view of downtown Seattle in the background.
Young adult in a suit files papers in an office
Ollie Cantos accepts his induction into the Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame
Alec Frazier posing with one of his mentors, Jd Michaels
Leidy and her mentee pose for a picture, both in matching yellow sweaters
Disability mentoring hall of fame members posing on a stage with certificates after being inducted
The intials NDMC overtop the words "National Disability Mentoring Coalition"