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Established in December 2014, the National Disability Mentoring Coalition (NDMC) aims to increase the awareness, quality and impact of mentoring for individuals with disabilities nationwide.


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Class of 2016 Inductees celebrate at an AAPD awards event. The inductees are Daniel Davis, Claudia Gordon, and Mat McCullough.
NDMC and DREAM logos

Announcing the Dinah F. B. Cohen DREAM Fellowship Program

By     |    June 15, 2018
The National Disability Mentoring Coalition (NDMC), in partnership with the ...
Young adult in a suit files papers in an office

Mentoring and Diversity

The following blog post was written by Bjarne P. Tellmann from the Association ...
Ollie Cantos accepts his induction into the Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame

Disability Mentoring: The Cycle of Legacy

By     |    October 17, 2017
In August, I was privileged to be inducted into the Susan M. Daniels Disability ...