Ryan Chalmers

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Ryan Chalmers

Stay-Focused, Inc.

Mentoring to me, embodies the timeless tradition of imparting the lessons garnered from life’s journey to the next generation. It is what propels individuals to go beyond their perceived limitations, taking on ventures they once deemed unattainable. It is knowing that together through listening and the exchange of insights we can help forge the path to unparalleled greatness

Ryan Chalmers is the Director of Development for Stay-Focused, Inc., which offers a unique, transformational learning experience to teens and young adults with disabilities through a SCUBA diving certification program. It was within this immersive experience that he developed his confidence, leadership skills, and independence, igniting his desire to mentor the upcoming generation, urging them to push boundaries and set loftier aspirations.

Additionally, Ryan serves as the Director of The Rochester Rookies Adaptive Track and Field Program, leveraging his insights gleaned from his time as a Paralympic athlete. Here, he channels his expertise and passion to mentor and coach budding athletes, nurturing their talents and ambitions.

At the core of his essence lies an unwavering dedication to mentorship and empowerment, especially among youth, propelling them towards reaching their highest potential.