Class of 2022

Image of Silver Lining Mentoring Logo; A black ladder next to light blue text that says Silver Lining and Black text that says Mentoring. Black text underneath 'We thrive when we matter.'

Silver Lining Mentoring

Boston, MA

We are proud to induct Silver Lining Mentoring into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Silver Lining Mentoring empowers youth in foster care to thrive through committed mentoring relationships and the development of life skills. Youth in foster care are moved more than four times every three years, depriving them of the healthy, long-term relationships we all need to thrive. In the Boston area, our volunteer mentors help address this “relationship gap” by serving as reliable, lasting social connections for their mentees. The Silver Lining Institute then amplifies our impact nationwide by teaching other organizations the best practices we have learned over the last two decades.