Class of 2022

Photograph of a smiling white person with glasses, a cleft lip and palate, and dark blonde hair. They're wearing a black suit over a blue sweater and white undershirt.

Shain A. M. Neumeier


We are proud to induct Shain Neumeier into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Shain Neumeier is an autistic attorney with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, ectodermal dysplasia, hearing loss, epilepsy and a number of other disabilities. They been involved in disability justice and youth liberation organizing and advocacy for fifteen years.

Because of their experiences with involuntary medical and mental health treatment, they have focused their efforts on opposing coercive care in contexts such as psychiatric facilities, youth behavioral modification programs, and residential schools. In particular, they have sought to end the use of electric shock as a form of behavioral modification through federal regulation, state legislation, and international human rights intervention. They currently work as a trial attorney at the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Service’s Mental Health Litigation Division, where they represent people in fighting for their freedom from involuntary civil commitment and forced medication.

In the past, they worked at several statewide protection and advocacy agencies for people with disabilities, and ran a law practice where they helped people with a range of matters including asylum, gender marker changes, and name changes along with civil commitment defense. When they’re not working, they’re likely spending time with their cats, playing Dungeons & Dragons, writing stories with their friends, or developing yet another hobby.