Mary Fashik

Mary, a Lebanese woman with short dark curly hair wearing glasses and a black V neck sweater. She is smiling at the camera.

Mary Fashik

Upgrade Accessibility

We are proud to induct Mary Fashik into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Mary Fashik (she/her) is a Lebanese born, queer disability rights activist, author, public speaker, and workshop facilitator.

In 2019, she founded Upgrade Accessibility, a movement designed to challenge today’s accessibility standards. Since its inception, the movement has grown and broadened its lens to include disability rights, intersectionality, disability justice, and equity.

Through a variety of workshops, Mary helps companies understand how deeply rooted ableism is in their organizational structure and how to implement important changes.

Mary strives daily to shed light on issues affecting those in the disabled/chronically ill community, particularly those that affect multi-marginalized members of the community.

She is an honoree on Diversability’s 2021 D-30 Disability Impact List.

Her podcast, The Politics of Disability, was chosen as Best Interview Podcast at the 2022 Astoria Film Festival.

Most recently she was named Accessibility Advisor of the Year for Corporate Live Wire’s 2022-2023 Global Awards.