Class of 2022

Headshot of a Korean American woman in a power wheelchair smiling, with her shoulder length hair pulled back wearing glasses and a purple shirt with 'Disability EmpowHer Network' logo, seated outside on a sunny day.

Jennifer “Jenny” Border

Disability EmpowHer Network

We are proud to induct Jennifer “Jenny” Border into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Jenny Border is a fierce advocate that every individual at any ability level has the right to education and the necessary resources to live a successful life. This is apparent in the numerous activities throughput the disability community. Currently she is the outreach coordinator for Kelly’s Kitchen, a non-profit organization promoting healthy nutrition in the whole community, with a focus on providing education on ways to access healthy food, explore employment possibilities in the food and beverage industry for people with disabilities, ensure food security, and learn healthy preparation techniques.

For the past two years, Jenny Border has worked with Disability EmpowHer Network in many different roles. First as a mentor to the next generation of disabled women leaders in EmpowHer Camp and second by serving on both the EmpowHer Camp planning committee and development committee for Disability EmpowHer Network.

Jenny also is a huge advocate for access to complex rehab technology and has helped scores of disabled people in getting the tech they need to live independently. Her work includes being an active member on Numotion’s Consumer Advisory Board and a Consumer Advocate for Permobil through which she has helped many people get the technology they need. Jenny also serves as a voting member on the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) Professional Standards Board, as well as their Complaints Review Committee.

As United Spinal ‘s State Advocacy Coordinator (SAC) for central and southwest Ohio Jenny Border serves as the advocacy point person and lead in relaying information between National and local advocates about key national, regional, and state policy topics to build a powerful and diverse team of advocate voices throughout the US.

Outside of advocating for the variety of resources needed for the disabled community to live a successful life, Jenny loves to keep herself busy by tinkering. Her tinkering typically consists of researching and experimenting with different ideas on her own wheelchair or in her apartment to help her be even more independent.