Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Director of Student Support Services, Disability Advocate, Professor, Mother, Wife, Non-Profit Coordinator

“Mentoring is an opportunity to facilitate the growth of another, to be the little nudge that an individual needs to take steps forward that toward their dreams and goals.”

We are proud to induct Lisa Johnson into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Dr. Lisa Johnson is first, and foremost a wife to her husband Jeremy, and mother to her seven children. Lisa was born and raised in rural Wisconsin. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she earned her Bachelors in Elementary/Middle Education and Masters in Education. She taught seventh grade English as well as GED English to high school students. In 2007 she began her Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction-Culture and Teaching and Disability Policy and Services at the University of Minnesota where her research focused on disability identity in the context of schools. She taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in education for several years before relocating to Omaha, Nebraska in 2015.

Lisa currently is the Director of Student Support Services at Nebraska Methodist College and a faculty member for the institution’s undergraduate capstone course. She also is the coordinator for a non-profit that provides subsidized transportation for visually impaired residents in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas. She and her husband share a passion for advocating for accessible art education and gallery experiences for the visually impaired and have gained international recognition for their work with Sensory: Please Touch the Art.