Class of 2021

Gayatri is a woman of Indian origin with brown skin and long brown hair. She is wearing a blue dress with pink flowers on it. She is standing against a backdrop of green trees and sunlight.

Gayatri Kini

Founder, CEO, The Accidental Ally

“A great mentor is like a great gardener who takes the time to understand everything about his plants, creates an environment where they can thrive, nurtures them with the right mix of soil and water, identifies and troubleshoots issues and watches them grow.”

We are proud to induct Gayatri Kini into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Gayatri Kini is the Founder and CEO of The Accidental Ally, a social enterprise that believes in a digital world that is accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of their ability. Gayatri aspires to harness the talents and passions of people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities so that we can enable their transformation from being invisible to becoming invincible. She wants to help them ‘find their element’ (As Sir Ken Robinson would say) and create a deeply meaningful professional life based on their natural talents.

She founded The Accidental Ally with a mission to stimulate and harness the creative capacities of people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities so that they can actively contribute to digital innovation. She also wants to create engaging and enriching work experiences that will fuel the wellbeing and financial prosperity of people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. You can read more about her work by reading The Accidental Ally Manifesto on The Accidental Ally website.

Gayatri has spent the last 20 years working at amazing companies such as Apple, Intuit, and Visa building digital products that delight their customers.

Gayatri lives in Palo Alto with her husband, Sanjay, her two children, Riya and Rohan, and their labradoodle, Penny Lane.