Class of 2019

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Pascuala Herrera

Harper College

“For me, mentoring means helping individuals to recognize and discover their own potential and purpose in life. I challenge all my mentees to be responsible for their own success and encourage them to form partnerships with others to obtain their goals. Being a mentor is to be present and empower others to find their own true passion. I guide mentees to find their own path that will lead them to discover their own purpose. I push them to work hard, believe in their own potential, dream high, and above all, to make their mark in the world.”

We are proud to induct Pascuala Herrera into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Pascuala Herrera, Professor and Accessibility Specialist at Harper College, was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States at the age of seven. She completed her undergraduate studies in Sociology at DePaul University. She obtained her Master’s degree in Education in Reading, Learning Disabilities, and Bilingual Education from DePaul University.

Pascuala started her career at Harper College in 1991. In her role as Accessibility Specialist in Access and Disability Services, she provides and plans services for students with disabilities. Pascuala has assisted thousands of students by conducting intake interviews, determining legal accommodations, and providing academic advising and counseling for students using disability services. Pascuala also instructs students in the classroom by teaching FYE 101 (First Year Experience) and PSY 107 (Humanistic Psychology), and doing disability awareness presentations as an invited speaker in numerous courses offered at Harper.

She is a frequent local and national presenter on the topic of disability awareness, motivation and the importance of education for individuals with disabilities and Latino students. Pascuala is an active Professor at Harper College and has chaired and participated in many departmental and institutional committees. She prides herself in leading by example. As a Latina, disabled woman, she inspires and motivates students in working towards achieving their aspirations despite challenges they may face.