Steve Famiglietti

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Steve Famiglietti

The NEAT Center

“My hope is to always find a story or situation from my past that can inspire someone else to take risks and to not be afraid of their situation so that they can make the best of their life.”

We are proud to induct Steve Famiglietti into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

Steve has been working at the NEAT Center at Oak Hill for 13 years as the Blind Services Vocational Manager. His Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications has allowed him to engage and support individuals with disabilities in the field of assistive technology (AT) for over 20 years. He delivers demonstrations and training of AT to individuals with visual impairments as well as family members, educators, therapists, clinicians, and professionals. With a certification in screen reading and screen magnification supports, Steve assesses an individual’s specific needs balanced with a focus on their personal strengths to recommend appropriate assistive technology devices. In turn, promoting independence and self-confidence.

His experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities is truly immeasurable. Many years have been spent mentoring students with visual impairments at a summer camp program called, LEEP (Low Vision Educational Employment Program). During this program, the students participated in several mentoring activities. The most impressive thing about his time spent during these activities, was Steve’s ability to truly connect with students and inspire their future goals for career opportunities and better prepare for a world that is not always accessible. One particularly memorable day was a trip to New York City. Everyone came together, those students with sight helped those students with no sight. Their encouragement and help was facilitated by Steve and his colleagues. They band together to help each other board trains and subways, navigate streets, stores and restaurants as well as socialize and build relationships.

Steve’s true colors shine when he has opportunities to teach, mentor and work with students. He utilizes his kindness, patience and stories of his experiences to relate to their needs.