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Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

We are proud to induct Project LENS from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.

The objective of the MCB mentoring program Project L.E.N.S. (Linking Expertise and Networking for Success) is to develop and sustain professional mentoring relationships between MCB vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumers, particularly transition-age youth, who are actively seeking employment and/or involved in career exploration, and mentors who are blind, with the goal of maximizing employment outcomes.

Through this program, mentors and mentee have the opportunity to network with one another, to develop goals together, and to share their successes and challenges particularly as they relate to their professional experiences. The MCB mentoring program incorporates community-based mentoring and e-mentoring. This means face-to-face meetings between mentorship pairs in various public community locations, or online communication, respectively. The program also incorporates a group mentoring component with statewide events that are organized during the year which are aimed to support positive mentoring relationships and to support mentees’ professional development.