Class of 2015

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Jason Olsen

Federal Employees with Disabilities (FEDS)

We are proud to induct Jason Olsen, President of Federal Employees with Disabilities (FEDS), into the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame’s 2015 inaugural class.

Jason Olsen is a nationally recognized expert in the field of disability employment policy.  He is currently lending his expertise to the Office of Equal Opportunity within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (via detail).

When not assisting the EEOC to be a model employer for people with disabilities Mr. Olsen works as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Labor.  Here he has served as an authority in the national employment policy forum for over 5 years. Due to his dedication, Mr. Olsen received the Secretary’s Exceptional Achievement Award.

Prior to joining DOL, Mr. Olsen worked for over 5 years at the Social Security Administration’s Office of Employment Support Programs. Here he has served as a team leader, a policy maker, a mentor, an advocate, and in numerous other leadership roles which resulted in Mr. Olsen receiving numerous Associate Commissioners Citations, a Deputy Commissioners Citation, and the coveted Executive Recognition Award.

In his personal time, Mr. Olsen is the President of Federal Employees with Disabilities (FEDs). FED is a national not-for-profit organization focused on ensuring that the rights, privileges, benefits and opportunities for people with disabilities employed by the Federal government are equal to those of their Federal sector peers. He is a passionate advocate for all people with disabilities and views employment as an option that should be available to all those that desire it.  Mr. Olsen holds a B.A. in Sociology and a Masters in Communications. He is also an alumnus of the Graduate School’s Executive Leadership Program and looks smashing in a fedora.