NDMC Meeting Minutes: September 2015

National Disability Mentoring Coalition Meeting
September 3, 2015
Meeting Minutes

Rayna Aylward, PolicyWorks
Darius Murray, FAU
Lindsay Baran, NCIL
Erin Pluto, MCB
Patricia Gill, IEL
Jessica Queener, NYTC
Gary Goosman, Policyworks
Derek Shields, PolicyWorks
Keri Gray, NYTC / NCIL
Marie Strahan, consultant
Emily Hanna, WID
Judy Shanley, Easter Seals
Kristen Humphrey, PYD
Steve Slowinski, PYD
Raymond Hutchinson, DC Public Schools
Genelle Thomas, PYD
Carolyn Jeppsen, Broad Futures
Ebony Watson, IEL
Alan Muir, COSD
Kevin Webb, MEAF

Topics Covered: Details on the upcoming launch of the Hall of Fame at the USBLN Conference in Austin; updates on the “25 for 25” mentoring champions; continuing updates to the NDMC website; updates on collecting information from member organizations.

Download complete NDMC meeting minutes here.

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