Our Team


Kristin Humphrey profile picture

Kristin Humphrey

Program Manager, National Disability Mentoring Coalition

Phone: 617-556-4075 x121

Email: ndmc@pyd.org

Derek Shields profile picture

Derek Shields

Chair, National Disability Mentoring Coalition

Phone: 703-244-6747

Email: dshields@pyd.org

Piper Slowinski profile picture

Piper Slowinski

National Inclusion Manager
She or They

Phone: 617-556-4075 x126

Email: pslowinski@pyd.org

Genelle Thomas profile picture

Genelle Thomas

Director of National Initiatives, Partners for Youth with Disabilities
She, Her, Hers

Phone: 617-556-4075 x114

Email: gthomas@pyd.org


Jeanne Argoff profile picture

Jeanne Argoff

Retired; Co-Founder of PolicyWorks and the Disability Funders Network; NDMC HoF ’17

Edmund Asiedu profile picture

Edmund Asiedu

Assistant Director, Career Services, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Rayna Aylward profile picture

Rayna Aylward

Previous NDMC Co-Director, PolicyWorks Board Member

Xian Horn profile picture

Xian Horn

Beauty Wings / Changeblazer, NDMC HoF ’18, contributor at Forbes

Daniel Martinez profile picture

Daniel Martinez

NFB Texas; Metas, LLC; NDMC HoF ’18

Marie Strahan profile picture

Marie Strahan

Retired; Disability Inclusion Consultant; NDMC HoF ’17

Jesus Martinez Saucedo profile picture

Jesus Martinez Saucedo

Class of 2020, University of San Diego (and a third grade teacher!)

Daman Wandke profile picture

Daman Wandke

Disability Studies Instructor at Western Washington University; Wandke Consulting; NDMC HoF ’19

TyKiah Wright profile picture

TyKiah Wright

Managing Director, WrightChoice Consulting

Kevin Webb profile picture

Kevin Webb

Senior Director, Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation